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Our booking system is not online yet, it's due to go live in Sept 2019.

In the mean time please continue to book your bike boxes at our existing Forestside partner, Bike Spanner.

How It Works

1. Book Online

First, book your bike box online.

Our booking system works in real time, so it knows if boxes are available for your chosen dates.

Pay using a card. The same card will be used for your security deposit.

Once you've paid, your booking is confirmed.

2. Deposit

Shortly before your rental commences we will make a £100 pre-authorised charge to your card to cover your security deposit.

Ensure you have the available funds/credit for this to go through. What's a pre-authorised charge?

If pre-auth doesn't go through your booking cannot commence.

2. Collect

Boxes are collected and returned from the self-service lockers using the access codes we will email to you.

Lockers can be accessed during centre opening times, typically 9am-9pm, check here for details.

Your codes will not work until your first day of rental!

See the video below for more details.

2. Return

At the end of your trip take photos of your box, detailing any damage (or not!).

Then, return the box to an empty locker.

Within a few days we will inspect the box, and provided it's in the same condition you picked it up in, we'll remove the charge on your card.

Box damaged? Read our terms below.


Details and videos soon

How To Pack

Packing our bike box is pretty easy, but does entail some dismantling of the bike. If in doubt, consult an expert!

In rare cases some bikes simply won't fit, so we suggest checking the packed measurements of your bike before making a booking.

As a guide we've personally used our boxes to successfully pack extra large (20in) suspension bikes and 62cm road bikes.

Support Struts

The biggest challenge face by any bike box is stacking, which can crush your precious bike!

Our boxes overcome this by using unique internal support struts, which connect to the wheel axels and make it virtually impossible to crush your bike.

About Our Boxes

You're hiring, not buying, so it makes sense to get the best, so hire one of our Bonza Bike Boxes!

Designed to withstand pretty much everything an airline can throw at it, these boxes normally cost £500, but you can hire one for a fraction of the price.

  • RRP £499.99.
  • HDPE anti impact material.
  • Stronger lockable catches.
  • Internal Velcro retention straps.
  • High quality foam protective padding.
  • High gloss anti-abrasion finish.
  • Bonza developed anti crush technology with 2 support struts.
  • Easy glide high quality wheels.
  • Fits all makes and sizes of bikes (excluding tandems).
  • 32kgs max weight.
  • Dimensions 124 x 94 x 34 cm approx.

The Bonza Bike Box 2 is a strong and rigid bike travel case designed to protect your bike when traveling abroad. Made from HDPE (High-density polyethylene) anti-impact material, this box offers a high level of protection far superior to that of other hard cases on the market using traditional ABS plastic. The main difference being that unlike ABS, this box will not crack under impact due to its more malleable, less brittle construction. 

Featuring high-quality internal foam padding and velcro retention straps, you can be assured that your bike will not be damaged on the inside either. The lockable catches are incredibly strong, keeping your bike safe and secure, with the ability to lock each down. While the easy-glide wheels make navigating through a busy airport a breeze. 

Despite the already tough construction, Bonza have developed an anti-crush technology in the form of two support struts. These act as a backup should the case sustain a large side load impact, preventing the bike from being crushed even if the HDPE outer casing fails. 

The Bonza Bike Box is built to accommodate all makes, models and sizes of bike, this case is extremely versatile, whilst still conforming to all the latest airline baggage handling restrictions.


Forms of ID

Before you can take your bike box away we will require two forms of ID, one of which MUST be photographic. Suitable ID is limited to passport, drivers licence, official utility bill less than three months old. We will take a copy of these forms of ID and also take a photo of you and the hired box. Once the box is returned undamaged we will destroy these copies.


All rentals must be paid in full at the time the booking is made. Booking are not confirmed until payment is made.

Refundable Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of £100 cash per box is payable on the day of hire. No exceptions. MUST BE CASH.

Once the box is returned, inspected by us and assessed to have not sustained damage beyond minor cosmetic damage, your security deposit will be returned in full.

If there is any damage or the box is not returned the following terms will apply.

Reasonable Cosmetic Damage

We know bike boxes can sustain a certain level of cosmetic damage during normal use. If all our box suffers whilst in your care is the odd scrape or scratch, no problem, you'll get your security deposit back.

Repairable damage (partial security deposit refund)

Includes but isn't limited to broken clasps, damaged wheels, torn or missing padding, lost or broken support struts, detached or missing straps. In these instances, we will first a obtain a repair quotation, present the quotation to you, then effect the repair. All costs, including any shipping, will be deducted from your security deposit. If the repair costs exceed the security deposit you agree to pay us balance.


Unrepairable damage (No security deposit refund)

If the case is damaged beyond what is economically repairable we will retain the full security deposit and you agree to meet the additional costs to cover the full replacement of the box (replacement cost available on request).

Unrepairable damage includes but isn't limited to cracked, dented, crushed or punctured shell. Snapped hinge.

PLEASE NOTE: If the damaged occurred while the box was in the possession of a third party (airline, bus company, private hire etc.) we will work with you to effect an insurance claim, but we WILL NOT make the claim on your behalf.

Unreturned boxes

If the box is lost in transit and you have documentation form the carrier confirming the loss, we will retain the security deposit and you agree to cover the additional replacement cost (replacement cost available on request).

If the box is not returned to us for any other reason we will retain the full security deposit and make a claim against you to recover the full RRP of the box, presently £499.99 (October 2018).


Late Returns

Late returns will be charged at the regular additional day rate for the first two days, then at £15 per day thereafter.

Our liability

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred to you, your bike or any third party directly or indirectly resulting from the use of our bike box, no matter how well or poorly the bike is packed, in accordance with our video guide above or not.

We also do not accept any liability in respect of any train company, airline, airport, handlers or any other carrier or their agent's refusal to accept the bike box for transportation for whatever reason.

We do not guarantee your bike will fit in the box and do not offer refunds on this basis. If in doubt, check dimensions first!

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